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A new concept law firm

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An array of IT lawyers

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Hacking the links between
law and technology

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Welcome to Array
a new concept law firm

Array is an array

A law firm ...

Founded in 2009 as a group of independent lawyers (“Array is an array”), Array is reborn in 2014 as a loosely knit law firm composed by professionals with an outstanding profile in the fields of Information Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT), with long standing experience in consultancy as well as in litigation in civil, criminal, administrative and ADR procedures. Array operates on the European market by offering advice to clients ranging from small projects to large communities, from SMBs to Fortune 500 corporations.

... of IT lawyers ...

Array is a group of IT lawyers, on the cutting edge of legal developments in the Information Technology, Media and Telecommunications field.

Array members have a focus on Free and Open Source Software, which in recent years has become mainstream, the fastest growing trend in the IT sector and one of the most challenging legal fields.

Array is not a network, Array is an array.

... fully connected

  • Array is appointed local member in Italy of euroITcounsel, a quality circle among European Lawyers specializing in Information Technology and Telecommunication Law, ranked in Band 1 for EU IT Networks nella Global Guide di Chambers & Partners.
  • Array appeared on 2010 and 2011 edition of Who’s Who Legal for Internet, Telecommunication and Privacy, in the 2013 &  2014 for Information Technology and in the 2015 for TMT-IT.
  • Array is appointed reference counsel to Assosoftware‘s members
  • Array is partner of Oracle Community for Security
  • Array is a member of the community of licensees at Open Invention Network
  • Array is in the list of certified lawyers of Black Duck Software


Alberto Pianon
Alberto Pianon
Coming from a solid and long experience in Commercial Law, Alberto has accrued an outstanding position in dealing with all fields of IT law, from technology transfer to data protection to e-commerce. He covers the fast-developing North-Eastern lands of Italy an does also international work.
Carlo Piana
Carlo Piana
With 20+ years’ experience in IT law, Carlo is considered a world-class lawyer when it comes to law applied to [free] software and technology, in both transactional and controversial work. GC of the Free Software Foundation Europe, is a leading figure in the Free/open source world and in the Digital Rights domain.
Giovanni Battista Gallus
Giovanni Battista Gallus
With a long standing practice in Criminal Law, admitted before the Supreme Court, Giovanni Battista has become a pre-eminent expert in cybercrime and has been at the forefront of civil rights battles. ISO 27001 Certified Lead Auditor, Nexa Center an Hermes Center Fellow, his expertise covers Data Protection/Privacy, digital forensics and the many fields of IT law.
Guglielmo Troiano
Guglielmo Troiano
With a technical background coming from al long experience as an IT Analyst for several years before practicing law, he has an in-depth expertise in civil and commercial law. Guglielmo focuses on copyright, industrial property and privacy law especially in the field of information technology.
Simone Aliprandi
Simone Aliprandi
Lawyer and Academic fellow, holding a PhD in Information Society, he is one of the main experts on copyleft, Creative Commons and innovative models of copyright management, topics on which he has published many articles and books. He is involved in wide spectrum legal advice activity along with lecturing and scientific divulgation.



Free/Open Source Software

Drafting and reviewing licensing strategies, license compatibility, software project legal validation and auditing, technological standards and interoperability in Italian and European Union competition laws.
This is, undoubtedly, the specialty for which we are most renown.


Thanks to groundbreaking work on the interaction between interoperability and competition, we are able to offer very targeted consultancy and services to protect against abuse of dominant positions; activities in the Standard Setting Bodies (SSB), competition in standardisation;

Governmental work

Software procurement rules, policies; reuse policies and licensing; licensing of public-sector made software; lobbying and public outreach;



Drafting, reviewing and negotiation of contracts for TMT products and services in B2C and B2B contexts; outsourcing of information systems and network services, software development contracts, web site/webapp development, release of multimedia works and new media contents.


Outsourcing of information systems and network services, software licensing and subcontracting agreements, software development contracts, web site development, release of multimedia works and new media contents

Technology transfer

Licensing of relevant technology (patents, trade secrets), especially in multimedia sector;

Criminal Law

Corporate liability

Compliance, models of organisation, management and control, organisational rules and procedures to prevent crimes, misconduct of employees, Non Disclosure Agreements, as provided by Law Decree 231/2001.

Computer crimes

Digital investigation in criminal cases involving computer crimes, interactions with foreign law firms in legal actions abroad.

Online defamation and reputation

Online defamation, hate speech and reputation management

Criminal liability

Computer crimes and digital evidence, data protection crimes

IPR related crimes

IPR related offenses, website banning and filtering, p2p related crimes and investigations

Data Protection and Privacy


Data processing, especially or exclusively by electronic means, drafting and reviewing of data security plans, engagement letters for System Administrators and Processors, privacy policies.


Corporate compliance to Privacy Laws, technical specifications regarding security measures, authorisations and statements by Italian Data Protection Authority (Garante Privacy), ISO/IEC 27001 auditing preparation.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing legal issues: geographical data segregation, supply chain, civil, criminal and administrative liabilities, security measures, terms of services compliance.

Information Governance

ISO/IEC 27001 compliance, security aspects for employees joining, moving and leaving an organisation, internal policies related to security of information systems, corporate devices policies, employee surveillance.

Online services and Ecommerce

Online reputation

Online derogation of corporations’ and individuals’ image, especially in services of the Information Society, obtaining a landmark decisions on automated services offered by ISPs.

E-commerce, distance selling

Checking compliance of online services with the e-commerce rules

Terms of Use

Drafting terms of service of innovative initiatives, dealing with data protection, ecommerce, opposing rights (such as copyright, database rights, trademarks).

Open Data

European Projects and public outreach activities on release of public data as open data; advice on licensing conditions, also of private entities and international bodies and associations.

Trademarks and Domain Names

TM enforcement

Advice on drafting Trademark Policies; enforcement of trademarks worldwide; ADR and litigation against cybersquatting, typosquatting; defence against reverse hijacking of TM and domains.


Trademarks and domain names protection, strategic advice, for business, communities and projects.


Registration of trademarks, directly at CTM and worldwide through a leading service provider.



@ Law Farm
Piazza San Nazaro in Brolo 15
20122 Milano

ph. +39 02 8718 6019
fax +39 02 700419282


Corso Fogazzaro 136
36100 Vicenza

ph. +39 0444 1836651
fax +39 0444 546505


Via Agostino di Castelvì 9
09129 Cagliari

ph. +39 070 7966538
fax +39 070 2041360

Email: [surname] or info @ (without spaces)

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