Carlo Piana

Lawyer in Milan and member of the local bar, Carlo is a pre-eminent Italian IT Lawyer, working almost exclusively in the Information Technology and Telecommunication Law, a field where he begun consulting on 1994. Passionate about technology and Free Software (Open Source) he has been active in many battles for Digital Rights and against monopolization, as with the antitrust cases in the Software Workgroup Servers field (where he represented the Free Software Foundation Europe and the Samba Team) or with the standardization process of XML document formats (like DIS29500, also known as ECMA 376 or Office Open XML – OOXML), or again more recently in one of the largest IT acquisition ever, involving the World largest Free Software company as target.General Counsel for the Free Software Foundation Europe, he is member of the Team of Freedom Task Force and approved legal expert in Italy and Europe on matters pertaining Free Software and Open Source. He is also member of the board of the Protocol Freedom Information Foundation and has been a member of the Advising Committee of the Italian Digital Agency for laying down the rules for software procurement. He is author of several articles in the areas of Civil Law, IT&TLC Law and data protection on Italian and International reviews and a founding member of the Editorial Committee of the International Free and Open Source Law Review. He mainly deals with licensing and technology transfers (mostly in the field of telecommunication, media and software), software protection, domain name & digital identity recovery and strategy – field in which he assists one of the largest European banking groups, standardization and interoperability issues. He is also active in the data protection (privacy) Law and deals with compliance in general. He assists technology producing companies – as a general counsel – in the strategic and legal planning of innovative projects and products. Part of his activities are rendered pro bono to groups and projects in the field of Free Software. He also assists and represent clients in the registration of Community Trade Marks.