Simone Aliprandi

He graduated in Law from the University of Pavia (with a thesis in Intellectual Property Law on open content licenses) and is a member of the Bar of Lodi. He earned a further degree in Public Administration Science and later won a scholarship for a PhD program in Information Society at University of Milano-Bicocca.The doctoral program, which ended in January 2012 with a dissertation about the social perception of copyright in the digital age, has given him the opportunity to carry out a research experience based in the USA.He always had equal interest for the professional activity (specifically giving advice in the fields of intellectual property law and ICT law) and for academic activities (lecturing and research). In fact, parallel to his work within the Array team, he constantly collaborates with university departments and research institutions, giving lectures, following research projects and editing publications. He is also “Professor of Legal Issues” at the SAE Institute in Milan (an international consortium with Middlesex University of London) and collaborates with the Chair of Legal Informatics of the University of Milano-Bicocca.

He also deals with science dissemination on the issues within his area of concentration, with an intense publishing activity, releasing all his works with open content licenses.