Who we are

Array, in Information Technology is an indexed data structure: a method to organize information. Array, more in general, is a word conveying a concept of “order” not based on a hierarchical structure, but upon rules and organization.

Array groups a number (an “array”) of independent IT lawyers, aiming at providing a legal support to enterprises, developers and – why not – law firms in all cases where a highly specialized competence is required in the IT & TLC fields. This competence is sided by a deep understanding of the technical issues underlying the legal issues. Those competences are seldom available in traditional law firms, even in those specializing in “Intellectual Property”. Nonetheless they are indispensable in order to provide a suitable assistance to the relevant subjects in the field.

Last but not least, members of Array, beside providing assistance and consulting in the “traditional” areas of IT & TLC Law, are mainly focused on Free Software (also know as “open source” software) and are able to offer in this specific field some competence hard to find even in law firms specializing in IT & TLC Law.

By working in a very specialized niche, members of Array – when requested – have no issues about working with other law firms and professionals at large who already assist the client with other matters. Array is not a professional association or a “partnership”. It is an “array” of professionals who show up where their competence is required.