Also this year Array was there to celebrate the annual epiphany of Free Software crowds ad Fosdem in Brussels. Unfortunately, this still pandemic year was little more than a figure of speech. The entire event was held in an online form only, thanks to two pieces of Free Software: and Jitsi.

We had two interesting speeches.

In the first one, Carlo Piana joined forces with  Davide Ricci, the guy leading the Open Source Technology Center for Huawei. The duo presented on the new from-scratch FOSS operating system that is in the cooking and will be generally available by the end of the year. Carlo and Alberto Pianon presented their compliance work and IP policy making for the OS, with the backdrop of leading the Chinese firm to OpenChain conformance.

In a separate event, Alberto, Carlo and Giovanni Battista flanked Hermes center’s Fabio Pietrosanti (AKA “Naif”) in the Legal Dev Room. A four-presenter exposé of their work to bring back Anac (the Italian anti-corruption agency) to compliance with their Openwhistleblowing (based on Globaleaks).

Full video of this last presentation here.